Lay Ministries

Schedules & Procedures

Lay Ministry Schedules

During each month, changes are often made to the schedules. Please check the weekly bulletins for the most updated information


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Lay Ministry Procedures

Contact Information

Lead Contacts

  • Altar Servers: Heidi Huberty
  • Cantors: Zach Holzer (920-467-4616, Ext. 311)
  • Children’s Liturgy of the Word: Lisa Gross (920-467-4616, ext 318)
  • Extraordinary Ministers:  Steve Faust
  • Lectors: Jessica Jensen
  • Meet & Greet:  Sandy Jordan (920-467-4616, ext. 301)
  • Projection Overseers/Operators: Tim Woodworth (920-467-4616, ext. 317)
  • Sacristan Ministers: Ann Johnson
  • Samuel Ministry Lectors: Nancy Mathieu
  • SCRIP: Tim Woodworth (920-467-4616, ext. 317)
  • Sunday Morning Nursery: Lisa Gross (920-467-4616, ext. 318)
  • Ushers: Duane Glancey

All Lay Ministry Volunteers

Please use the following contact information if you need to find someone to take your place at a Mass or other service.  The documents are password protected.