2nd Grade Sacraments

Second Grade Sacraments

Religious Education offers preparation programs in second grade for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion. Parish policy expects children to be in religious education classes at least one year prior to the year receiving the sacrament.

Parental Involvement

Preparation for these Sacraments begins with parents, as parents are the primary teachers of the children in our faith.

Parents who have registered their children for classes will receive information in the mail about meetings and events for these Sacraments.

Parents are asked to attend two meetings. At the first meeting in October, parents learn about Reconciliation, while at the second meeting in January, they learn more about Communion. At the meetings, parents also receive materials to use at home to extend the learning from their child's classroom, and they receive important information about details and dates for the celebrations.

General Dates

  • First Reconciliation: Saturday, December 9, at 9:00 AM at St. John Evangelist
  • First Eucharist Mass:
    • Sunday, April 22 at St. John Evangelist
    • Sunday, April 29 at Blessed Trinity
  • Specific dates for parent meetings and practice times will be provided to parents by the parishes.


The following curricula and experiences help students prepare for the Sacraments.

  • First Reconciliation: Finding God (second grade textbook)
  • First Communion: Finding God (second grade textbook) and God’s Gift (supplement)
  • First Eucharist Retreat: Saturday, March 3, from 1:45 to 3:45 PM, concluding with Mass at 4 PM at Blessed Trinity.

For more information, please call the following numbers:

  • Blessed Trinity: 920-467-4616 ext 318

2017 St. John Evangelist

First Communion 2017 - St. John Evangelist

2017 Blessed Trinity

First Communion 2017 - Blessed Trinity