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Grades 7 & 8

Early Group - 7th & 8th Grade Schedule

Late Group - 7th & 8th Grade Schedule

While middle school students are invited to participate in youth ministry social and service programming, their classes continue and complete the curriculum they were working with in the elementary program. As such the middle school classes are run through our religious education program. Information is available at Religious Ed > Classes.

Grades 9-11 Schedules

Grade Level Descriptions

Grade 9

Ninth grade is the beginning of the high school program. We lay the foundation for Confirmation prep by exploring the lives of saints and holy people.  This is also when students are first introduced to the small groups they'll work with over the next three years.  Students will also be introduced to the retreat experience with a one day retreat facilitated by SCORE.

Confirmation Prep: Year I - Grade 10

Tenth grade kicks off Confirmation preparation. In September, parents and students will meet with the parish religious education staff to discuss what the program has in store for them.  Tenth grade kicks off with our beginning retreat to set the tone for the year.  The classes expand on the ninth grade theme of holiness by exploring what it means for us to live holy lives in today's world.  In addition to classes, grade ten marks the start of our service requirement of 20 hours each year.

Confirmation Prep: Year II - Grade 11

Eleventh grade caps off Confirmation prep by focusing on the sacrament, what it means and how it applies to our lives.  The year ends with an overnight retreat to wrap up the whole experience.  The summer is then left for reflecting on the two years and conducting exit interviews.  The Confirmation ceremony will be early in the fall of grade twelve.