At Home Mission Week

Image of At Home Mission Week Group helping clean up a yard.

Sheboygan County At Home Mission Week is an opportunity for youth and adults of St. John Evangelist, Blessed Trinity, Sheboygan North and South Catholic Parishes, and St. John the Baptist to serve the local community in a mission trip-like setting. Not only is this an opportunity to help our literal neighbors and help improve our local community, but those involved with the service week are challenged to open their eyes to the needs around them and to understand how service work is another way of expressing their faith.



Participation:  Open to students in grades 7-12.

Adult Volunteer: To be an Adult Volunteer, please see information by clicking on this link. AHMW Adult ONLY Volunteers .  

Volunteer: To volunteer, complete this At Home Mission Week Registration Form. Parent permission is required for all students.

Cost: Thanks to support from the Blessed Trinity Human Concerns Committee, there is no cost to Blessed Trinity and St. John Evangelist members.

Request Help: To request help with a project during At Home Mission Week,  AHMW flyer 2019 - Click flyer.

Annual Mission Trip: Catholic Heart Work Camp

During the annual Catholic Heart Work Camp Mission Trip, a group of youth from both parishes gathers together and heads off out into the world for a week of service, prayer, and fun. Short-term, travel mission trips offer an opportunity for youth to encounter injustice, God and themselves in new and unexpected ways. A change of scenery helps open our eyes to those on the margins we may ignore in our daily life. The integration of service, spirituality and socializing encourages participants to experience God in all things. Being removed from one's daily pressures and influences allows youth to open up to a part of themselves they may hide in their daily routine. And it is not just the youth who get a lot out of the experience - adult chaperones report having an equally entertaining and powerful experience.

Dates & Destination:  July 7th Through July 12th - to St. Louis, MO - Mission Trip Bulletin Flyer - Click Flyer for more information

Cost is $550-$600 depending on number of participants.  Cost decreases with each sign up.  Can take up to 15 and get a larger bus.

Sign Up:  To sign up, please contact Lisa Gross at lisa@btsje.org.  Parent permission is required.

Help With Fundraising:  Fundraising information will be posted as soon as it is available.

  • Cinnamon Roll Sale on June 22nd and June 23rd. Proceeds to help fund Mission Trip to St Louis.  Cinnamon Roll Order Form


More Information:   To learn more about the Catholic Heart Work Camp, visit http://www.heartworkcamp.com/